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Sensitivity through Precision

The Model of Homeostatic Hierarchical Integration through Communicative Action has multiple dimensions to it. Basically it is an attempt for a deep unitive perception that includes anything beyond our awareness that is shaping our perceptions, thoughts, souls and spirit together with the uniqueness of the paths each and any person enacts through their being, essence, identity and consciousness. However, I am aware that we always end up in particularities and a tiny fraction of the total painting as much as we are deeply connected to and, in difference, seamlessly united with its wholeness, as this sliver through which we thematise and try to recreate the by itself envisioned self-perfection. Within this deep paradox, which we are going to unfold together, four themes are of primary importance to boost your perception and help your containment within the blissful and seemingly all encompassing compassion of the universals that are going to guide your scoring practice:

  • Recognition of the conscious field that is self-thematized within the human search for equilibrium through stage growth as well as social integration that is spanning and enabling all four: being, essence, identity and consciousness
  • Analysis of repeating and iterating universal grammars which have been derived from a comprehension of Indo-European as well as indigenous languages and point to culturally independent lexico-textual webs of orders, stages, phases and transitions of human development based on verified linguistic research
  • Assignment of scoring categories and themes to developmental assessments carved out of the richness of multiple models and the archeological analysis of most likely more than a thousand books classified by their authors‘ most probable developmental center of gravity
  • Fine tuning your perception towards the seeming objects apprehended by your clients and sculpturing a set of feedback methods that spring from your unique background to help you meet clients not only from a model but from yourself

Teacher: Roman Angerer